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Sree Ramamurthy Chetty Garu

[25-05-1876 to 02-11-1918]

Shri Mahajan late Rai Saheb Perla Ramamurty Chetty, grandson of Perla Settyya Chetty, Proprietor and Zamindar of Waltair Estate, was founder of Perla Estate. Maharajah Sri Vijayaram Gajapathi Raju-III, conferred on him the family title of MAHAJAN and SPECIAL HONORS IN THE VIZIANAGARAM durbar for his multifarious charities and for the service to the poor during the famine after Sepoy Mutuni. His father Shri Naraya Chetty was presented a Certificate by queen Victoria Empress of India In the year 1897 in recognition of his numerous charities and liberality to the public and for establishing a public Library known as Wenlock Public Library in Vizianagaram town.

Shri Ramamurty chetty, as a noble descendant of his father and his grandfather through his public charities, secured place in the ENCYLOPEDIA OF THE MADRAS PRESIDENCY in the year 1922. This charitable family has been residing in Vizianagaram for the last 100 years. The public charities of this noble family have been a landmark in the history of Vizianagaram. This is the only family that can be said of spending a decent portion of its income for the welfare of the poor people and with the exception of his Highness the Maharajah of Vizianagaram.

In 1903, King Edward VII emperor of India granted CERTIFICATE to him in recognition of his liberality in constructing works of Public utility. In 1911, the Viceroy and Governer General of India presented a CERTIFICATE and SILVER MEDAL to him in recognition of his public charities, on the occasion of the coronation Durbar of his Mejest’s King George V of India in Delhi. In 1915, the Viceroy and Governor General of India conferred upon him the title RAI SAHEB as mark of personal distinction. Maharajah Ananda Gajapathiraj and Sri Vijayaram Gajapathi IV had all praise and appreciation for him. He was a talented tennis player and a noted horse rider.

He was a member of Madras Land Holders Association. He rendered yeoman service to the town as a Municipal Councilor for 18 long years and to the Taluk as a member of Taluk Board. His donations to Campbell Library in Victoria Hall (Town Hall of Vizag) at Visakhapatnam and Law Library in Vizianagaram District Munsif Court Bar were a few among the many charities of his reputed family. He created a Trust for Education and a Building for running a Choultry at Vizianagaram, a Kalyana Mantpam at Simhachalam and Ramathirtham and a Building at Salur for Vedha Patasala. It was from this Trust the Building complex which was meant for choultry was donated to our Society with a corpus donation of Rs.1,00,000/-

Smt. Perla Annapoornamma, W/o late Perla Rama Murty Chetty used to distribute Milk produced from her own dairy throughout the day to the poor children irrespective of religion, caste and creed. She used to distribute Gold Mangala Sutramas to poor women on the occasion of their marriages. These generous have increased the name and fame of her husband and especially the Perla Family.